Our Philosophy.

As students and lovers of art and design, we firmly believe and value the power and impact our environments have on our lives. In fact, the ability to improve wellbeing through the design of our surroundings has been carefully studied and scientifically proven throughout time. By gaining control of an environment, one does gain some control of their wellbeing, and in turn, is able to cultivate more personally meaningful and fulfilling experiences. Furthermore, happy and fulfilled people are quite simply more likely and inclined to treat others with more kindness, empathy, and respect. If you ask us, our world could use a little more of that.

Thus, our true purpose is to inspire others to cultivate the life they desire and to be more creative, confident, and thoughtful so that together we can make the world a more loving, peaceful, and compassionate place.

For ourselves and our customers, we are constantly evolving a collection of inspired, thoughtfully-designed goods, wares, and treasures with the intent to create and support the laying of foundations for beautiful, imaginative, and personally expressive moments both grand and discreet. While we are an online store (for now), we consider Hogan Parker to be in the “people business” servicing contemporary products and services to our customers.

For it is the seemingly-small, sometimes quiet, and often fleeting moments in life that tend to be those which, in truth, ultimately carry the most weight, meaning, and memory: The hour spent laughing to tears with close friends over cocktails and huddled around a fire, that one afternoon spent baking with family members who, despite their best efforts, nevertheless ceased to avoid winding up covered in flour and dough, the day a beloved grandmother put on her favorite sundress to take her granddaughter to an art museum knowing just how badly she needed to get out of the house, the jewelry worn, cold beer consumed, and case of nerves felt on the first date with a person who ultimately grew to be loved, so on and so forth.

Thereby, to inspire an enchanting and memorable dinner party, provide a warm thank you to someone so deserving, spark enlightening conversation among family and guests, catalyze a new interest or curiosity, enrich a treasured pastime, make a single moment in the kitchen an ounce more bearable, serve as a treat for someone who could use a little love, encourage peaceful moments of relaxation, add a touch of luxury or warmth to an unexpected corner at home, or simply inspire one person’s day -- these are among the things we aim to achieve.

Design Services.

Formally educated designers by trade, our team is additionally pleased and equipped to provide professional interior architecture and design services. From paint recommendations to full home renovations, we've done it all and would love to hear about your current and upcoming needs. Please send us a note at hello@hoganparker.com, or through the form on our Contact Us page, with "Design Request" in the subject and provide us with the details of your design project. We'll get back to you as soon as possible with our recommendations for a way forward, and how we might best be able to work together. 



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